Thursday, August 4, 2016

UPDATES: New Channel, LEGO® Batman, Podcast, & More!

It's been a rather long time in between posts so I thought I'd break that streak.

TranquilNova Productions

is my shiny new Youtube channel!

Unlike my brickfilming channel, TranquilNova Productions is going to be more of a miscellaneous channel that does not focus solely on one genre of videos. I'm still not sure what the main focus will be, if any, however, I don know I'll be uploading a few speed-drawings.

There's currently zero content on my TranquilNova channel as of now, however, that ought to change soon. I've got a speed-draw I've been planning to upload, so keep an eye out for that!

Feel free to subscribe and whatnot if you want. I may also upload any future vlogs there as well, perhaps in the form of speed-drawings!

LEGO® Batman Costume Upgrade

If you haven't noticed, I've been spamming my Twitter feed with progress photos of a new project I've been working on for the past two and a half days. It's, you guessed it, an upgrade to my already-existing minifigure costume, Ricky!

This past week, I was trying to decide what costume I should make. I'd decided I wanted to make either Kylo Ren from Star Wars or LEGO® Batman. I couldn't decide because they both sounded equally cool, so I put it up for a vote! It was a pretty balanced outcome, but I eventually chose LEGO® Batman because, c'mon, what are the odds of seeing more than one LEGO® Batman at comic con? (Okay, I have to admit... Such a rare encounter would actually be pretty awesome.)

I'm reusing parts of my first minifigure costume but am making a completely new head, as seen below.

Everything else is pretty much getting reused. Ricky's torso is easily customizable because all it is is an size XL t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. The legs are already black, and I plan on making some sort of paper/Gorilla Tape glove that is easy to put on and off for the hands. Those minifigure claw hands took a serious amount of effort time to make, let me tell you...

Possibly with the popularity of the upcoming LEGO® Batman Movie this costume will attract a lot of attention, and if I do end up going to comic con again next year, it'll be really fun to wear.

Oh! And, this time around, I'm going to attempt to make it so I can actually turn my head in the suit and look around! Just this functionality alone will likely allow me to add an immense amount of personality to the costume. I'll hopefully upload a video and blog post once it's done to detail how I did it. :)

DIY Minifigure Costume Blog Series

No, I have not forgotten about the tutorial series for my costume. Okay, possibly a tad. However, that does not mean I have abandoned it. Fear not! I shall be continuing it soon, especially with the development of my brick-y Dark Knight costume.

Brick Talk Podcast

And last but not least, I will be co-hosting an upcoming episode (and hopefully more if things work out) of Brick Talk, a podcast which covers everything LEGO® news related!

Canaan May (the main host) and I are figuring things out for recording it, but until then why not catch up on past episodes?

It's a nice, clean and family-friendly show, and I'd highly encourage you to check it out! I'm also helping him get the word out about it, so if you happen to enjoy it, a quick recommendation to a friend wouldn't hurt! :)

Other Stuff

There are also a few other things which will eventually get their own posts. For instance, I recently joined Flickr after months of, for some reason, not even thinking about joining! I'm not sure if that's the best reason in the world, but hey! I'm there now. :)

I'm also about to start doing paid minifigure caricatures of people. Right now I only have a Facebook page setup for it but eventually it ought to get its own Weebly site or something similar.

That's it for now. Catch you in the next blog post!


  1. Cool stuff, Snow! I'll look forward to that co-hosted episode!

  2. Interesting. The shaping on that batman head is fantastic, it should look great. So are you going to build and post on flickr? Or only drawings? Whichever it is I'm sure it will be cool ;) What's your username so I can follow you?