Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New YouTube Channel? (Also, Ads or Not?)

Hey there! It's me, yet again! I have two main things to get through with this blog post. Both of them relate to YouTube, however, I'll get the relatively minor one out of the way first.

I have recently been considering the possibility of monetizing some of my current brickfilms and most of my future ones by placing ads before each them.

For a bit of background here, I was checking up on my YouTube channel one day. It turns out that my my LES Animations channel has over 1,000,000 total views (I know; WHAT??). Basically, this is the grand total of all of my videos' views combined.

I then got to thinking.

What if I were to monetize some of my videos (the ones which contain 100% my content aside from royalty free music)? I might be able to earn a few pennies here and there and, who knows? Maybe this amount of money could become something substantial and help support my hobby?

Then I really got to thinking...

(Okay, this next part is probably why most of you are here...)

For the past several weeks, I have been considering creating a new YouTube channel, totally separate from my current brickfilming one. There have been many times where I wanted to create some sort of video or upload a pre-existing one but felt a sort of indistinguishable barrier holding me back from doing so. I've always wanted to keep my animation channel, for the most part, uncluttered by miscellaneous videos and contain mainly ones which were "on topic."

One of the only issues I have with starting a new YouTube channel (another being my track record of being very slow to keep up with content as part of a series) is I have, literally, no idea what its main purpose would be.

I thought about possibly doing a Minecraft singleplayer survival adventure ("let's play" series), perhaps a few vlogs scattered across several months, and maybe some other smaller, miscellaneous based videos. However, I don't think any of these would really define my channel. I mean, sure, they might provide some entertainment (so as long as I can speak clearly, heh...) but, if I were to start a new channel, I would want something to drive it; something that would set it apart from all the other YouTube channels which have the same thing; vlogs, gaming let's plays, etc.

Additionally, for it to be a success at all, it would have to be something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. Otherwise, my dedication to it might sputter after a few videos and eventually fade completely.

So my question to you, the readers, is this: What content would you enjoy on such a channel?

Also, do you think I should start serving ads on my stop-motion animations? (It wouldn't be for another month or two if I did.)

Please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts!


  1. Personally, I think ads would be absolutely fine. They're hardly an inconvenience, and they can really help support your channel and bring more content and such.
    As to your second channel, I dunno.. It could just be your "everything else" channel. :P Maybe it could be let's play focused. I dunno.

  2. hmm well IDK what content you should have on your channel as really that is for you to decide. I would definitely recommend ads if you can. More money is always helpful. :)