Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How-To: DIY LEGO Costume (Lower Legs)

With Motor City Comic Con right around the corner, I thought it would probably be a good idea to continue posting these tutorials.

So, on with part two: the legs!

The legs are actually pretty simple. Just make sure you still have some of the supplies from making the torso and upper legs.

First thing I did was I wore the body and then held a measuring tape at my side to see what the ideal height for the legs would be. I also may have gotten a little carried away in Photoshop, mostly out of excitement...

NOTE: I am not the original creator of the hand and head graphics.
All credit goes to the respective owners.
Next, I cut out pieces of insulating foam board in roughly the shape of the side of the leg.

I then had an extra hand hold this up to the side of me and then took pictures, approximating how much I needed to cut off. Walking would be much more difficult if the tops of the legs were up tight with the torso piece...

I then made a few measurements for the width (I didn't want both legs together to be wider than the waist portion) and then cut out simple cardboard panels. These were then glued to the foam boards.

After quite a bit of waiting, cutting, gluing, waiting some more, and then cutting and gluing, both legs were finished. A neat little trick I used to keep the foam and cardboard together while the glue was trying was using a bunch of nails. I also used some pipe clamps to make sure everything stayed.

The final bit was to line all of the edges with Gorilla Tape. This way they don't get worn as easily, plus it helps make all of the edges look straighter and more clean.

And that's it for the legs! Stay tuned for the next part, in which I will be detailing how I went about creating the head!

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