Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LEGO Worlds is a "Game Changer"

Some of you may have heard about the recently revealed LEGO video game "LEGO Worlds". It's a Minecraft-style, open world sandbox game created by Warner Bros. It is, in my opinion, LEGO's best user creativity-focused video game since LEGO Universe and the graphics are quite beautiful.

Below are some screenshots from the game. (These are not my screenshots; they are from the LEGO website.)

The game is currently available on Steam as an early access game, meaning it is still currently being developed. You can purchase the beta-ish game for 14.99 US dollars which, frankly, is an amazing price considering how well-done this game is already. I'm not 100% certain, but, I think that if you buy it now, you'll own a copy of the final, released game without additional charge once it's released.

Check it out, along with the game's trailer, here!

I highly recommend you check it out if you're at all into LEGO and gaming; I personally do not play very many video games, but this particular one is a video game that I have been silently dreaming about for many, many years. Even before I knew about Minecraft (or even before it began to exist) I had wanted a game like this but just couldn't quite place my finger on it.

It'll be really neat to see all the creativity that people pour into this game; I have a strong feeling that it will be a "game changer" in the realm of LEGO video games.


Images courtesy of Warner Bros. and the LEGO Group.

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