Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Apple Releases iOS 8.4, Apple Music Launches

Taking a short break from LEGO® things (and an apparent lack of posts), Apple has recently released a new firmware version for their mobile operating system. This is, after all, relevant to be categorized under "and Other Nerdy Stuff".

So the first big thing--pretty much the biggest thing--in iOS 8.4 is the Music app's overhaul. And Apple Music, but we'll get to that in a little bit. The Music App now has a new streamlined design; much more simple and sleek all at the same time. It also received some new features-- some of which have been long-anticipated.

Track Queuing and Up Next

The actual iTunes application for desktop operating systems has had Up Next queuing for a while but iOS is just now getting this feature. It's kind of been something where everyone expected it to make it into the stock app eventually.

Customizable Playlist Covers

This is probably one of my favorite new features. It lets you either take a picture with your camera or choose one from your photo library and use it as the thumbnail for your playlists. And, since I have been looking forward to this specific feature ever since iOS 8.4 rumors were floating around, I have this nifty little (big??) screenshot of some of my playlists:

iTunes Radio, Beats1, Apple Music... Oh My!

Some other stuff that Apple has added to the Music App is mostly stream-related. iTunes Radio has received some improvements. Beats1 (a 24/7 music radio station) was launched today to go along with the Music App update. I tuned in for a few seconds, but it was playing something hip-hop; not particularly a fan of that genre, personally. Probably won't be listening to Beats1 too often...

Apple Music, however, is a whole other deal. According to my somewhat limited knowledge on the subject, it is essentially *nearly* the entire iTunes music store at your discretion. It's a paid service ($10 per month) however there is a three-month free trial which I have yet to activate. The idea of having the whole iTunes library available to download does sound pretty awesome, though.

So yeah, big deal, especially since the Music App is probably one of my most-used apps on my iPad.
Do you have a mobile Apple device? Will you try out the whopping three-month free trial for Apple Music? Please let me know your thoughts down below!

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