Monday, May 25, 2015

Deep Jungle Exploration Drone

When it comes to expeditions in deep rain forests, it is often hard to tap into the unexplored regions because of the limits that are placed on humans. But what if we could break through that barrier? What if a robot was designed to do just that? And....what if I already did, and that those questions were just to lead up to another creation of mine?

Yup, you guessed right! This exploration drone--designed for traversing the deepest, darkest of jungles and many other types of normally risky environments for a normal minifigure--was built almost a year ago, and it's still put together after all this time. Which is a big deal considering how much I "recycle" past builds for newer ones. Yep...

Well, it might be missing an arm or two, but it's still there overall. :)

This drone is capable of enduring through extreme atmospheric conditions such as high humidity, temperatures, and atmospheric pressure and is also waterproof. Which is always a good thing, especially in a wet jungle... The drone is equipped with multiple sensors, however, its primary form of sensing its surroundings is the wide-angle camera which sends live feed to the remote scientist pilots. It has two utility laser emitters mounted right underneath its forward-facing camera for various purposes. They're usually used for cutting things open that might contain things of historic significance.

One of this drone's more prominent features is its ability to convert from uni-roller mode to flight mode. In flight mode, the drone can deploy two robotic arms. These are useful for performing tasks that would typically require a minifigure present.

The rotary blades have sharp blades on the ends which can retract when not in use. They provide greater traction when in ground mode and double as a sort of outer layer for the more critical parts of the rotors which provide lift.

Some photos detailing the creation are below, enjoy!

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