Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LEGO® Moon Landing

In the year of 1969, an American astronaut plants a US flag on the dusty moon surface. The sky is pitch black, save the homely planet earth that hangs silently above the horizon. Here the flag would stand for decades, a result of many, many years of hard work.

But it wasn't until nearly forty-five years later that this specific depiction of the historical event was created... with LEGO® bricks!

Yes sir-y, that's right! This build is supposedly a representation of the placing of the US flag on the moon. I think I got it pretty close, though, none of the terrain surrounding the flag and/or the Classic Space astronaut is most likely accurate. Perhaps, if I ever do another one, my next moon landing brick-built composition could be a replication of one of the photos taken on that space expedition.

Now, without further ado, on with the pictures!

DISCLAIMER: To answer the inevitable question... No, that LEGO® Earth in the background of the photos was not originally created by me. All I did was print it off of Google Images. All credit and rights to their respective owners.

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