Saturday, February 14, 2015

NHS Warrier - Custom Hardsuit

Hoo-boy, been a fair bit of time since my last blog post, so I thought I'd break that inactivity streak with a MOC (My Own Creation).

This is the NHS Warrier; a hardsuit built and designed for by a genius minifigure inventor named Professor James B. White, more commonly referred to as "Prof. Snow". The NHS Warrior, NHS standing for Nexus HardSuit (not National Health Society), was originally built to help keep peace in the universe. While there are not very many times that actually require the imagination-powered defensive weaponry on this thing, the Warrior continues to watch over the citizens of the LEGO® universe.

This mechanized machine mainly serves as a past-time hobby of Professor Snow rather than an actual law enforcement device, as he is constantly upgrading both its hardware and its software. Occasionally, he does a massive overhaul and rewires the whole system, but that's typically when he's in the mood for a major technological breakthrough of some sort....which usually only happens once or twice a year, so...

Among many, many features built into what I consider my masterpiece thus far, some highlights include:

  • Fully articulating opening cockpit
  • Able to fit a complete minifigure inside, including a small-sized hairpiece
  • Extremely flexible limbs, providing many pose possibilities
  • Giant claws
  • Front and upward-facing sonar sensors for maximum visibility
  • Rotating double-camera eye mounted on "head"
  • Various repulsing thrusters (13 total) for great in-flight maneuverability
  • Forward-facing floodlights which can be used in cave rescue missions, etc.
  • Suit can disassemble into modular pieces, and reassemble at will of operator (think Iron Man 3)
And much, much more! I fear that if I were to list all of the features that I've given to this suit, this blog post would be far too long...

Now, without any further ado, enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for viewing!
Have a good cycle, and take care!

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  1. First off, really cool hardsuit! I've seen this before on the Lego Gallery. You're Snowbot, then?