Friday, April 17, 2015

Summer Approaches...and Trisha the Herb-Bird Too!

Can you believe it? Summer is almost here! And with summer comes a very special bird... A Herb-Bird! (A LEGO® herb-bird, that is.)

This is Trisha the Herb-Bird: a green, spring-inspired herbivore created by me! She mostly eats green apples, but will also eat green bananas, pears, olives, and peas. She migrates in the Fall to a distant tropical island somewhere in the ocean but comes back again in the spring once the weather warms up.

These photos were taken last summer when she was exploring a vast grassy land.

She also sang a goofy spring song while perched in a tree!

Trisha the Herb-Bird is looking forward to summer, and so am I! :)

(Psst!! I've also got Trisha the Herb-Bird submitted to LEGO Ideas for people to vote for her to become a real set! You can help out if you wish: )

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