Friday, February 19, 2016

Brickfilming Updates #1: Ricky's Adventure

I think some of you might recognize Ricky... He is now more than just a larger-than-life costume for real-life events. ;)

Current stage: Filming!


Hello there!

As a few of you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been relatively quiet as posting goes. The reason for that, aside from school and other video projects of course, is my currently in-production LEGO stop-motion animation!

This is the first "official" update creation for its progress. For the time being, I am calling it "Ricky's Adventures" although but that name might change later on.

I've shot two scenes out of approximately seven or eight. The main outline of the story (albeit somewhat random, in similar fashion to all of my previous brickfilms) is mostly finished, and I know where the film is heading, I just haven't come up with all the details for each scene individually-- I'm kind of making it up as I go along.

I will likely be touching up the footage from this scene, so this frame is not the final look. But....yes! It's Baron von Barron!

     Normally I'd sit down and write things out but, with time being as it is, I decided that I've really got to start filming *now* if I am going to finish this film on time.

     There will not be very many fancy special effects in this film as I am trying to keep it light, however, I WILL be experimenting with lighting techniques and whatnot that previously have never been in any of my films.

     The planned release date for this brickfilm is hopefully somewhere in the middle of June. I will be uploading it to my YouTube channel when completed but, in the meantime, why not watch some of my already finished films? :)

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