Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LES Animations Reaches 1,000 Subscribers (And Counting!)

That's right! My brickfilming YouTube channel just recently passed 1,000 subscribers! To celebrate, I create a very short "thank you" animation for all of the people who have subscribed and thus supported me this whole time.

What's that, you say? You aren't subscribed yet? Well, there's no better time like the present! :D In fact, here's a spiffy link to my channel!


The setup for this quick film was nothing fancy. In fact, it was very on-the-spot. You see, I don't currently have my brickfilming booth setup (why I haven't been able to film, among other things) so this was done in a much less "professional" manner. Although, the location of my new setup is extremely more convenient and easy to setup so I am considering making it slightly more elaborate. Which may lead to more frequent brickfilms in the future once school is done...

At any rate, thank you again to all my subscribers who helped me reach this number; it's really quite a big milestone for me!

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