Thursday, March 26, 2015

Meet Ricky!

Meet Ricky: my latest and greatest creation, a completely homemade LEGO® minifigure costume!

A culmination of over five months of effort and patience, Ricky is a friendly LEGO® minifigure who enjoys putting smiles on people's faces. Whether it be giving a hug, taking a photo with someone, or just a simple wave, his huge amount of eagerness to spread happiness is...shall we say...what made him so big. I find it hard to justify calling him a minifigure anymore... ;)

Below is an arrangement of some photos of Ricky.

Ricky all completed and happy.

The first section I did was the torso which, now that I look back on it, was
a wise decision because I was still getting a feel as to what style I was going for.
The shoes, just after
I had taped 'em all up.
I had just finished the basic
core structure of the head
here and wrapped some
temporary printing paper.
My essential tools for working on this project. The math kit was pretty much just used to get accurate circles.
The cutting board was used for cutting cardboard on top of, the measuring tape was used a lot, and the Gorilla
Tape itself was used.... well, quite extensively.
Lots of Gorilla Tape, Gorilla Glue, and Gorilla Super Glue were put into this project. If I remember correctly, it was five bottles of Gorilla Glue, approximately three rolls of Gorilla Tape, and a small bottle of Gorilla Super Glue were used-- that's a lot of stickiness!!

There was a lot (and I do mean a lot) of measuring, taping, gluing, and cutting involved. I also got to sharpen my skills at cutting large pieces of foam boards, spray painting, and many other small factors that were required to complete the costume.

The red shirt that Ricky wears in some of the photos belongs to a robotics team (he's volunteered to be their mascot-- how fun!), but the shirt can easily be removed and he can be fitted with just about any size extra large T-Shirt. That feature alone provides him with loads and loads of customizing opportunities; think charities, local sports teams, cosplaying for upcoming LEGO® movies... the chances are almost limitless!

Plus, I plan on improving him over time and maybe even adding support for different colored legs and maybe even giving him a variety of custom jumbo LEGO® hats!

One thing I did want to mention is the main source of inspiration for Ricky. It was an amazing accomplishment completing this project, and Ricky probably wouldn't have looked half as good as he does if it weren't for the Block Guys and their fabulous work on their own costumes. You can visit them at

Thanks for checking this blog post out, have a great week!



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