Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello World!

(5,000 points if you caught the title's reference!)

Welcome to Bricks, Blocks, and Other Nerdy Stuff: a non-profit, kid-friendly, for-fun geeky blog created and maintained by the one-and-only me! Yes, you heard me right. Me! Me...

Who am I? I am me and me am I. :)

But that's for a later string of literate words composed of English alphabetical characters...

     The real point of this first post is to introduce you to this shiny new blog, and what it will have to offer. Basically, I like a lot of nerdy stuff. That stuff, once captured  in photograph and packaged in a digital photon-emitting bundle of bytes on my electronic computing system, will get uploaded and posted here for you to observe with your retinas sending signals to your brain. Your brain will then make sense of those photon arrangements and text strings of literate words of composed English alphabetical characters.

     All that just means is, on this blog, I will share some geeky thoughts, LEGO® MOCs (My Own Creations), superhero things, Photoshop goodies, a few nature photos, and a lot more nerdy stuff! I also have a few work-in-progress projects which will be shared here as well, so you can keep an eye out for those. :)

     Hmm... Anything else? Oh, right! I completely did not forget to introduce myself properly at the end of this first blog post. No sir, I did not. Henceforth, you may refer to me as Isaac. Or, if you prefer, Isaac for short. Or perhaps you'd like to refer to me as.....Isaac? Hmm. Yes, I think that last option would best suit me, but you get to decide. It's all personal preference. ;)

I've got lots of nerdy stuff to share, and I can't wait to start posting those photon-emitting digital bundles of bytes with strings of literate English alphabetical characters! :)

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